Spirit Classic

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Satchel "Spirit Classic" is designed for use in parachute systems in the performance of training, sports and industrial skydiving for precision landing.

Suspension system allows skydiving both in summer and winter uniforms and without full range of motion when working parachutist in the air. To ensure a safe landing after a cutaway of the main parachute container is recommended to set the reserve parachute reserve parachute "Space - II" larger area, but with a smaller pack volume.

The design of a knapsack " Spirit Classic " provides reliable commissioning of both main and reserve parachutes when performing jumps from airplanes and helicopters on the instrument flight speed of 39 to 62.5 m / s (140 - 225 km / h). This for both the immediate introduction into action, and in any delay in disclosing valves knapsack.


Buy from these trusted stores

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