Shadow Racer

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The Shadow Racer is a limited option, all Black Racer, designed with the value oriented shopper in mind.

The options include;

- Format - available as either a 2K3 or a Classic Racer
- Main Activation - Throw Out or Pull Out
- Sizing - Wide or Narrow over the Shoulder
- Material - Cordura or Parapack - Magnetic Riser Covers


Buy from these trusted stores

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Good if you want to die!
Jumpshack still recommends their dual RSL, which has killed before and will again!

Jumpshack still recommends their dual RSL, which has killed before and will again!

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Comfort, Cost, Construction
Limited bells and whistles

History: I was on my 2nd custom rig (no need to disclaim whom) for the last three years but wanted a backup rig for camera work. Looked around and got a 'steal deal' on a 3rd hand Racer Elite set up. Over the next few months I gradually found myself wearing the Racer more often than my custom rig because it was just that much more comfortable. After awhile I made the custom rig my backup and my 3rd hand Racer my go to ride. Eventually I decided I'd rather just have two Racers and ordered a Shadow 2K3. BINGO - made one of my better skydiving decisions!

1st - COMFORT - I fits like a glove! I'm 5''11, 200lbs, jump a 150 main/reserve and this thing was cut perfectly to my measurements. It molds to my back and hugs over my shoulders like only a Racer can. I've put on/jumped numerous rigs but my 2K3 trumps them all.

2nd - COST - $1,500.00. BINGO! Parachute Labs & company were also kind enough to allow me to tag on a custom reserve pilot chute cap to my rig for a few more bucks. So even though it's like a Ford Model-T when it comes to color, "You can have any color you want - as long as it is black,' I was still able to give it my own personal branding and for relatively cheap.

3rd - CONSTRUCTION - Very Solid. I inspected and tugged on every part of this rig. It's going to hold up and for quite awhile. This is going to be my main ride for the next 5-10 years.

Other Pros: Along with my customized cap I was able to get a low profile ripcord handle, a pull out pilot chute and pud handle, kill line pilot chute, snap toggles (LOVE THESE), and it comes with magnetic riser covers (LOVE THESE). It is definitely freefly friendly and tops all around.

Cons: As I stated it comes in one color and you are limited on any other bells and whistles. However, it's still a ton of bang for not that much buck.

All in all this was a great buy and I strongly encourage folks to take the Shadow 2K3 into consideration when looking for their next rig. It's an impressive set up and for the sales tag it's being marketed at - worth the look.

Blue ones.

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