Power Racer

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The Power Racer is a format option available as either a 2K3 or Classic Racer.
It is mounted on a 9" wide by 15" long backpad and is limited for use with only the smaller range of sport canopies.

Parachute Labs’ (Jump Shack), design philosophy has always been organic, and evolutionary, adapting to meet the needs of the skydiving community. The Power Racer utilizes the first and only 4" diameter, externally-mounted
reserve (pop-top) pilot chute.

Other container manufacturers that utilize an exposed, or partially exposed, reserve pop top have narrowed their
containers, but kept a 6" reserve hat. Simple math says a 9" wide container with a 6" wide pop top gives you 1½ "
either side to form the reserve and sink the pilot chute spring, making for a potentially difficult reserve pack that, if
done badly, can allow for exposed pilot chute.
The Power Racer utilizes the same High Drag Pilotchute design that was NASA tested and proven to have the highest
capability of any pilotchute in the industry. Thus the Racer produces a 2-second reserve deployment with or without
RSL/MARD (usually within 30 meters). Magnetic Riser Covers


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I have being jumping my Power Racer 300*300ci with stairstep legstraps for 3 years with appox 600 jumps, with 120 raven and 88 MK 1 EXTREME.Doing 4-way,AFF and freefly.Weighing 7.15 kg is almost 1kg lighter than over small rigs

I have had 2 cutaways drew to line twists with the resulting reserve deployment being quiet fast ie by the time reserve handle is pulled dowm to hip you can feel your reserve raisers pulling you upright.This is at subterminal.Great Rig.

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I have a power racer 325ci main and reserve container that I been jumping for two years now. I also have a Vector3 and recently sold a Reflex container. Of these rigs the Racer is by far the most comfortable H/C I've ever had on my back. I freefly in it, do 4-way, throw kicking screaming AFF students out of planes and any other type of jump(no crew) with it. The only problem I have with my Racer is trying to ignore the comments about the tiny size, such as...did your kid forget to take his backpack to school today? Thats the price you have to pay when you wear the smallest most comfortable rig on the marget today. SD

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If you want a small rig, the Power Racer is the sweetest. Mine (with both canopies) weighs in at 11 pounds and is incredibly comfortable. Its so tiny I love it. Wonderful for experienced jumpers who also happen to be small. I don't even notice I'm wearing it.

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