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Good design always incorporates the perfect blend of form and function. The Next container has a flat profile for minimized drag and optimized comfort. It fits snug to the wearers body and will enhance your free fly head down position.

In most cases simplicity is the mark of unsurpassed function. Our riser cover solution is a good example. The tuck tabs are tension free in their closed state and therefore do not open when they shouldn’t. This also makes the popular 2nd riser protection flap obsolete by design!

The NEXT main pin cover flap features the most logical solution to a truly essential part of the harness/container system. It is the only flap on the market today, which locks securely in both directions.

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Everything, design, price and comfort
none that i can find

I had my next custom made and it fits perfect. I was thinking of buying a wings but didn't really like packing them the container doesn't seem to let the bag sit that well and when i compared price there was no comparison! You get a well made container(it is German) with alot of extras for alot less cash. The hardware is great and i love the anti slip pins on the leg strap buckle. Cut ins just wrap around you and its just very comfortable. My cut away and reserve pads are a bit lower than on most containers but i actually prefer them were they are, you can see them clearly and you can get a good grip easily. All pins are well protected and all flaps are well made and sturdy and you just know they'll stay closed. This is a fantasic container at an excellent price, I think it won't be long until we see alot more of them around.

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Anything you can imagine
Hasn't Anti-Twist-Housings yet

I jumped the Next for a couple of months now and I'm really impressed by the design and quality of workmanship!
Everything detail is great.
The reserve- and especially the main-pin-cover protects the pin much better than any other design on the market.
I can lift up the rig at the main flap without the flap comming out.
The only design I can compare in this point is IMHO the Infinity.
Also the riser-cover: They stay shut if they have to and come out if they should.
This is a great rig for a great price.
The only cons I have are the fact that ParateC don't offer Anti-Twist-Housings yet.
Maybe in the future.
All in all a bombproof rig that provides me the safety that I wan't.
With the Next I can Jump without worry about my gear!

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Very good flap design, nice options available, great price & service
can't think of any

I don't own one, but i did like a hundred jumps on one this year ('03). It was built for someone slightly larger than me, why it was a bit squeezy in one or two places. Apart from that, it fitted nice.

Got to try one more of my size once, which really felt good. Only reason i didn't have one customized for me was that i moved to Canada and had wanted to go with "Ulysses journey". When they couldn't deliver in the time i needed, i'd have gone for the Next, but was in Canada. So to escape customs & transatlantic shipping, i got a different one. Which is fine too. ;o)

I didn't give it five stars because i didn't get it really comfy due to my wrong sized one (which was a demo, so not Paratecs fault).

I think it's only one of two european-based C/H-Systems you should go for. And it is _very_ reasonably priced.

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