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With the Icon our engineers have shown that security, durability and functionality can come to you in a harness-container system that is pleasing to the eye and very comfortable to wear.

In freefall it is good to know you have a rig on your back. But when you wear an Icon you will want to check again, that’s how comfortable the fit is! Similarly the Icon greatly contributes to your appreciation of the canopy flight. It carries you in a way that supports your body in a natural sitting position and offers you maximum movement for canopy maneuvering.


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So far--Aerodyne Customer Service
None yet

This is not a review of the rig--that will come later. I have seen disparaging remarks about customer service from H and C makers on here. I put a lot of stock in word of mouth.

Soooo... when it came time to order a brand new rig I studied the specs, studied the reviews (and there are none on the Icon Pro/Nexgen). I took the plunge a couple of months ago and ordered through a dealer--just before Aerodyne increased their price substantially. Good luck not good planning. I ordered an I-6. Took all the measurements, looked up the canopy compatibilities and decided that I would be getting a Pilot 210 ZPX, also brand new.

Well here's where Murphy comes in. I looked high and low for a rig on the used market that would both fit me and fit the size canopies I wanted. Rotsa ruck. I bit the bullet and went new--decided on the Icon and a PD reserve.

Held back on ordering the Pilot--again good luck not planning. As it turns out an almost new (50ish jumps) Pilot 230 came on the market at a good price. So I bought it. Problem is......an I-6 is a verrrry tight fit for that canopy.

So- I called. Was at first (by my dealer) assured that the I-6 would be compatible, but I also called Aerodyne. Nope, I needed an I-7. All this took place about a month to six weeks into the order. Crap. However, Aerodyne to the rescue. No problem and no charge to switch to an I-7. So--now I have an I-7 in production scheduled for delivery in June, 2014. I can't jump it until July (on overseas gig). My next installment in this review will be when it's delivered to my dealer. The guys at Aerodyne could not have been more helpful and responsive. I'm looking forward to the next milestone. Stay tuned.


Picked up the Icon NeXgen at the appointed date and time. Everything as it should be. It fits well, had the reserve packed and the rig inspected and assembled by a rigger. Absolutely no issues. Main canopy (Pilot) in pristeen condition. Rig is stiff (kinda like a new pair of shoes) and needs a few jumps to get it softened up and broken in. As of this review I have't jumped it yet--but when I do I will expand my impressions. So far--absolutely no complaints.


Jumped the new rig. Everything fit, everything worked, it was comfortable on the ground, in the plane and under canopy. Nothing shifted around in freefall. As to quality of build--rigger reports it to be first class with no defects or problems. We'll see how it holds up but so far--Aerodyne makes a great rig.

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