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1. Let’s begin with the leg pads. We have changed
the geometry of the leg pads to improve the fit. The
change removes the typical crease at the back of the
leg pad when worn by a jumper.
We have also widened the leg pad across the back
of the leg for improved comfort, and narrowed it as it
comes into the groin area.

2. We have also moved the hook knife location from the back of the leg strap to the front. This makes
it more visible and less susceptible to accidentally being released when a leg strap grip is taken. And of
course, we continue to supply the best hook knife in the industry, manufactured in the USA by Benchmade®.
It incorporates an Oxygen bottle key, and a beverage opener, as well as a razor sharp hardened steel blade.

3. Moving up into the rig, we’ve redesigned the
backpad, and incorporated an innovative pocket in
the small of the back. The pocket holds the packing
data card on one side and has the tso label on the
other, easily accessible and secure.

4. We have made the
main pin cover flap a separate
piece that is now easily replaceable.

5. We have changed the construction of
our riser blocks (which protect the corners
of the reserve tray from catching a line on
deployment). The new design is less rigid but
still provides best in the industry protection.

6. Main deployment bag.
On the smaller Icons, sizes I1-I3,
we have changed to a three
grommet deployment bag.
This pulls the lines inboard and
makes for a cleaner pack into the
main tray. The larger Icons
maintain the four grommet bag.

7. Ring Covers.
We have modified the ring covers
to a lower profile, and made them
more easily replaceable.

8. Left side cutaway housing
moved from inboard to outboard
placement. This sends the housing
away from the jumpers face in
the event of a cutaway.

9. RSL lanyard retainer.
We have redesigned our
retainer to eliminate the Velcro.
We have also simplified the tuck
of the RSL slack, so that it stows
in the housing sleeve.

10. Reserve container.
We have made a number of minor changes to
the reserve area; we will list these here:

10 a.
Access for placing the reserve closing loop
and the AAD control unit. In the prior Icon, this access was through the top of the tray at the yoke, and was at times very tight, particularly on the smaller
rigs. The AAD cable was in the same space as the
RSL cable and several housings. In the neXgen Icon,
this access is in the reserve tray through an open ing under a small flap and provides better access and less congested space. The three photos below show the prior Icon setup in the first photo and the neXgen Icon in the other two, the yoke area and then the access slot in the tray underneath.

10 b.
Reserve tray lining. We have lined the
reserve tray in the neXgen Icon with parapack
to minimize bag extraction forces.

10 c. Reserve kick plate. We have moved
from the rectangular kick plate to a 5 inch round
kick plate for the reserve pilot chute in the neXgen
Icon. This change in size and shape makes a
stronger plate which is more difficult to bend than the prior kickplate.

10 d. Reserve side flaps. We have lowered the
reserve side flaps so that they are now even with
the top of the tray. We have also raised the inboard
side so they have a smaller gap than the prior
Icon at the top of the reserve.

10 e. Reserve deployment bag.
We have extended the buffer around the Velcro to
provide extra protection for the reserve lines.

10 f. New Reserve Pins. We’ve moved to a cold
forged stainless steel pin with a sharper point on
the neXgen Icons. It’s stronger and more difficult to
bend, and the sharper point makes it easier to feed
into the closing loop.

10 g.
New closing flap order. We’ve changed
the order on the closing flaps, making the top reserve flap the final one, versus the bottom flap on the prior Icon. This makes the reserve pin lie flat
rather than angling up from the lower flap to the
higher flap. This lessens the need for pin protection,
as the lower flap pocket now provides additional protection. We have kept a pin protector, but it is now a simple piece of webbing versus the more complex
one on the prior Icon.

11. Magnetic Riser Covers. The neXgen Icon
incorporates the most sophisticated magnetic riser
covers in the marketplace. The magnets are placed
into the rig during final inspection, with no sewing
required. If the magnetic riser cover option is
chosen, the rig will come with two sets of magnets
on each side. These have proven effective to 245
miles an hour, making them sufficient for all belly,
wingsuit and freefly disciplines. If customers want to
pursue speed skydiving, then a third set of magnets
can be added with no modification to the rig.
We use square magnets and a stiffener behind
them to minimize the rings of dirt that we’ve seen
over time on competitor’s rigs with magnets.
Our system uses a pocket on top and a tuck tab
below.The top pocket and the tuck tab each
incorporate magnets.

12. Introducing the neXgen Icon Long in sizes
I1 through I4. We have added a long version of the
Icon built to accommodate taller jumpers, or those
who just prefer a longer and narrower rig. This
places the bottom of the rig, and the deployment device lower on the jumper’s back. The Icon L uses a
19 inch back pad. The standard Icon back pad is 15
inches on an I1 and 17 inches on an I4. Thus the
L version is 4 inches longer on an I1 and 2 inches
longer on an I4.


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  • 5
Extremely well made
Colors over harness and risers different and small dive loops

This is my 6th new rig and my 4th brand of rig. I have been very happy with production time and quality. I dealt with a dealer so I cant speak for their customer service. My dealer was awesome. The ballistic material is great looking and seem very strong. The colors are spot on compared to the website designer. It is the most comfortable rid I've owned and fits me perfectly. I only have 2 complaints and both of them are minor. The first is that the silver of the harness and the silver of the risers is very different in color and the dive loops on the front risers could be larger and more open. I bought an I1 and would expect that it would have better dive loops. I'm sure they will be fine once I get used to them but just a minor inconvenience. I would highly recommend the container

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  • 5
comes standard with options that can be expensive at a great price
break in period was tight, but rig got comfortable with each jump

As this is my first custom rig, I really have nothing to compare to. I bought this because of the options and price, Art at skydive store gave me an amazing quote! My experience so far is the rig was initially tight in my opinion (what the hell do I know at 50 jumps), Dana aty skydive store had the same problem, Dana said to give it a 100 jumps to break in and I did. I have 260 jumps now and rig feels apart of me, I put it on at the 10 minute call , that's how comfortable it is.

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  • 5
Beautiful Craftsmanship, Super Comfy

Custom ordered mine. Came exactly as I wanted it. Perfect fit and finish. Ballistic material is awesome, kinda sucks it wasn't available in more colours. I've got about 120 jumps on mine with zero issues. Make sure you get the magnetic riser covers, they rock. Highly recommended!

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  • 5
Built like it will last a lifetime
None yet

Ordered a NexGen in March, 2014. It was waiting for me at my dealer in early July. Options are few--but I ordered it with a skyhook, freefly handle and magnetic riser covers. It came with stuff that is $$ options from other manufacturers like stainless steel everything, bungeed leg straps, honest to god real hook knife custom color trim tapes, etc. Check out what all the options on other lower cost rigs cost and you'll find that the Icon is very competitive.

Canopies are Aerodyne Pilot 230 and a PD 193 reserve--also new.

It fits like a custom made suit. In the past Icons had a rep for the leg straps coming loose on opening. Well, they sure fixed that problem--there is no way your leg strap will budge once you get it cinched down.

The back pad is super comfy--as are the wide leg straps. The rig will not shift around on your back in freefall--and the freefly handle is exactly where it should be when you reach back to yank it.

This rig sat me up in the saddle on opening. It even handled a hard opening very well by distributing the shock and not shifting up.

The material (cordura) is as tough as it comes. The mag riser covers absolutely will not open unless you want them to. Stitching is flawless.

I ordered mine in black with royal blue Icon symbol and same color trim tape. Got an unsolicited compliment from one of the guys on the second load as to how sharp it looks (if you care about such things).

Cutaway and reserve handles are perfectly located--with the reserve handle in a stiff pocket. My hands fall to the handles perfectly.

Nothing at all bad to say. Aerodyne was great to work with (thanks J!!). If I ever need to buy another container it will be an Icon.

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  • 1
none so far
waiting time

Ordered it 18 weeks ago, and was promised a 10-12 week waiting period. Apparently it's been shipped to the dealer, but I was also promised it would be ready "in one week" 5 weeks ago, so who knows. No comment on the actual quality of the container but so far I'm disappointed.

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