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The GENERA system is literally the first of the next generation parachute systems. It is designed as an ENTRY LEVEL system for those who complete their student training and wish to continue on to become full-fledged skydivers. No longer do you have to go through the uncertainty of buying used equipment that may or may not be suitable for you. Now you can buy brand new equipment that's tailored to your specific needs for a fraction of the cost of more advanced systems. With the money you save you can purchase a new AAD to go with your new GENERA or you can spend the money on advanced skydiving instruction.


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Price, freefly security
Bungee pilot, close loop on bottom flap

Bought my Genera brand new with a new 190 Sabre 2 and new Smart 190 reserve in it. Over the last years put over 500 jumps on it. It is totally fleefly proof; never head anything opened op or dislodged on it. Harness is unarticulated but you get what you pay for. The rig does exactly what it is supposed to do; freefly security is perfect.
Over time the main container loosened up a bit so the closing flap grommets were either compressed against each other with the pin very hard to get in, or loop tension was too low. I had my rigger move the loop base to a strap attached to the bottom of the reserve container so the main container bottom flap could be pulled up a bit more before closing the other flaps. The whole container can be closed now without wrinkling the top flap, yet having sufficient loop tension.
Another thing I'm up to (not unique to the Genera but to every bungee bridle) is that I had to increase the preload of the pilot chute bungee to keep the pilot chute from opening in front riser turns.
I pulled it up to such an extent that the pilot chute is susceptible to collapse during opening sequence. It took me a while to figure that out. Symptoms are sometimes delayed canopy openings, many twists. I also had to clear two or so line overs. Never resulted in having to chop although close. Other times the openings are perfect; especially after a freefly transition to tracking when fall rate is still a bit on the high side. So I'm planning to install a bag with kill line soon.
Personally I think one should not use bungee pilot chutes with wing loadings over 1.1 or so.
All in all, I think the Genera is very good value for money for the average fun jumper like myself. It does absolutely everything it is advertised for, but should be offered with kill line bridle as an option.

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Price, Fit, Looks Awesome!!
Can't honestly think of any!

I love this rig! I can hardly beleive that I got such a great rig for the price. Sandy Reid has been making rigs for a long time and it shows in the quality of his work. I have even built a harness/container myself, so I knew what I wanted! Rigging Innovations provided me with that. I wanted a rig that is not going to put me in the poor house for starters. Custom fitted harness is a must, and just overall looks good. Who wants to jumps something that looks like crap. None of us!!! Well, what I got in the mail is a rig that looks fantastic! The picture on this ad needs to be updated because Sandy has changed the bottom flap of the reserve container to a flat look as oppossed to having a seam running in between the reserve and main containers. Looks more like the Voodoo without the "eye". This move is the icing on the cake for me! I love it! The next thing that I have to give Rigging Innovations credit for is their customer service. There is a lady that works there by the name of KIT. Sandy found a gem when he hired her! First impressions are everything in a business. This lady is AWESOME because she is on top of any request or concern you may have. She understands that people are spending alot of their hard earned money!

Love it!!!!

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