Advance SEVEN

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A new Era in harness container concept

After more than a year of testing, the engineers at BASIK AIR CONCEPT, are proud to release the ADVANCE SEVEN harness/container. The ADVANCE SEVEN takes comfort, strength, performance, and fashion, to new heights. With the ADVANCE SEVEN we show that security, durability and functionality can come to you in a harness-container system that is pleasing to the eye and very comfortable to wear. The ADVANCE SEVEN is certified under the FAA TSO Category C 23 (d) as all our equipments are, meaning that it has been drop tested to weights in excess of 300 lbs at high speed.

Introducing the latest and greatest from Basik Air Concept


The true secret of Basik Air Concept success lies in our experience and our trust.
This experience allows us to set higher standards for quality than are found elsewhere in the skydiving industry. Basik Air Concept is far to be the largest container manufacturer in the industry, but we are committed to being the best.

Harness design

ADVANCE SEVEN is designed to take comfort an extra step while increasing the overall harness strength. It is one of few systems on the market today that has passed the TSO-C23d. This means that the ADVANCE SEVEN harness has been thoroughly tested and approved for heavier weights at higher speeds.

Your rig moves with you, not against you.

Much of the comfort of a rig comes from the way the harness conforms to the user's body.
The ADVANCE SEVEN harness was specifically designed to flex at the natural junction points
of the human body. This design has helped to eliminate harness buckling and twisting, as the harness takes straight paths between junction points. Your harness is a true custom made at your unique measurements.

Container design

Our unique reserve container uses proven technology with the no side flaps configuration, add with one of the strongest pilotchutes in the industry and the AAD protected cutter directly under the pilot-chute on the kicker plate flap. These features gives you the fastest reserve opening system ever seen.The pilot chute spring force give an energy which is not degraded to push all flaps because of this no side flaps concept.


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Comfort, Value, Meeting our Needs
Hardware Setup

Our University Club owns an Advance 7.

Basik were extremely helpful in adding/removing options that were necessary/unsuitable for University club kit (e.g. remove the Magnetic D-bag/Freefly PUD, add adjustable laterals, RSL etc.)

For people who just completed their AFF, transitioning to "more comfortable" kit is something they always enjoy. The comfort of the "Seven" is comparable (although not equal) to that of my own (custom) Vector 3.

I was surprised to find, in spite of my extremely tight specifications, that the rig arrived with a "Hooktable" cutaway handle. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, just a surprise.

A couple of minor flaws that I identify with this rig (from a University perspective):

1) The "magnetic d-bag" leads rookie (student) packers to become lazy and simply "shove" lines in. Hence why we ordered a bungee d-bag.

2) The cordura freebag is substantially heavier than its equivalents. This concerns me in the event of a (admittedly unlikely) reserve horseshoe/reserve PC in tow malfunction.

3) The main closing sequence appears "odd", particularly if students are used to learning to pack Javelins/Vectors. I've already caught one person trying to force it the "wrong way"...

In spite of these minor flaws, which can (except for 2) be corrected using education, the value provided by the Advance 7 rig is phenomenal. Having chosen Cordura 1000 material, since it will have a tough life (University students and all), I will be updating whenever there appears to be wear or damage to the container.

I foresee it being easily durable enough to stand a decade of University student use without major repairs required.

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Fit, quality, innovative

This is the most comfortable rig I've ever seen, very thick spacerfoam.
It has also a lot of new features like the magnet freeflyhandle, new terminal ends(cutaway cable housing), the magnetic d-bag, etc.

Also great service from Basik! They answer my e-mails the same day.

My next rig will also be a Basik rig!

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innovative, quality, design, comfortable!
Nothing so far

I received my 7 about a month ago from chuting star and I would like to say that I absolutely love my new 7! I could write about this container in some length but I think what Mike Gruwell said in blue skies magazine has it covered.

Also I received my new container well before expected and could not be more pleased with the service I received from chuting star, I believe they are currently the only U.S. dealer.

Jerome had some questions about my measurements being a little off and adjusted them to his specs after contacting Mike and myself and it fits absolutely perfect!

I believe once more people see this container over in the U.S. it will take off! I know the next time I downsize or need a new container it will be another 7

Great Job Jerome
and a special thanks to Chuting Star for making it happen!

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