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AltiX is a digital altimeter designed to be easy to use and clear to read. Only basic altimeter functions are available, with the addition of a simulation mode, helping training students to recognize the altitude during ground training. It also records exit and pull altitudes, as well as freefall time, of last jump.

Delivered as standard with elastic band, can be ordered with a comfortable hand mount.


Buy from these trusted stores

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This post is a warning for the skydivers choosing an altimeter.

In 2019, I bought an AltiX altimeter. Later I discovered -it showed a height of 40-80 meters lower than other altimeters. I sent it to the manufacturer for repair through the dealer I bought it from. Repair took 2.5 months. My AltiX returned from repair with a new firmware and a new serial number and an old, already discharged battery. However, after receiving the altimeter from repair, the problem was not resolved.

I again sent the altimeter to the manufacturer with a request to refund for low-quality goods... The manufacturer agreed. However, after receiving the altimeter, he changed his mind by saying, "The unit has been visibly damaged from the client, the soldering are not the original ones as well the battery has been changed even if the unit has 4 jumps only." Naturally, I did not solder, only replaced the battery. After repair the altimeter has already come with the soldering that the manufacturer referred to as made by me (there are photos on the day of receipt).

That is, the manufacturer, under a false pretext, left me without money and an altimeter.


1. This is photo on the day of receipt from repair:


2. This is photo from manufacturer


3. This is a photo from the manufacturer "as it should be"


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