Vigil 2 Control Unit

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The Vigil 2 needs no scheduled maintenance and the control unit is thinner in profile. It has a longer life expectancy of 20 years and has three modes, Pro, Student and Tandem which allows you to get the best out of your Vigil. Low owner costs and competitive pricing is a big plus for the Vigil and with it's great memory features, you can keep track of everything you do. The Vigil 2's resistance of water is pretty impressive as well with a water immersion of 0.5 meters for about 30 minutes.

Flat and 15% thinner than the Vigil I controller

The 26 X 96 dots display on the control unit allows a clear alphanumerical communication with the parachutist; it is protected by a scratch-proof sapphire/gorilla glass and a stainless steel cover.

2 wire technology

Kevlar reinforced cabling – high traction resistance

Wire-controller connection resists up to 50 kg traction

Bidirectional I.R. Download LED


Buy from these trusted stores

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Construction, Mulit-Mode, Shelf Life...
Unnecessary badmouthing from other manufacturers

Do any other AADs have the ability to be used in the Expert, Student or Tandem mode within the same unit? NO

Do any other AADs have a battery that tells you when it needs changing and can be done by any rigger? NO

Do any other AADs have a shelf life longer than 12 years? NO

I am only one person with a lot of experience with each. They all work as specified in the users manual and they all have had their issues through history. To claim that one is better than the other for basic function is for you to decide, but initial cost, required maintenance cost and longevity have easily moved me to the Vigil. I much prefer not sending my AAD back to the manufacturer every four years and it bugs me if I have to throw it away after 12 because it becomes useless.

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