MarS Parachute AAD

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The MPAAD is a result of three years of research, development and testing. It utilizes the latest technologies and advanced programming techniques. Our goal was to set new standards for the third generation of AADs, improve reliability and durability, while keeping the needs of all modern skydivers in mind. Compact, rugged case design without any external interconnecting cables, virtually eliminates a possibility of mechanical damage and also improves EMI (electromagnetic interference) resistance. The MPAAD is practically maintenance-free and features several new functions. Unlike its predecessors, same unit works for everyone via operation mode setting Tandem/Beginner/Expert. Primary function of the device is to activate opening sequence of reserve canopy when the preset conditions are met.


Buy from these trusted stores

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No vulnerable cables, doesn’t take up space in reserve tray/doesn’t create bulk, not expensive to buy, economic and rel

I have MPAAD in all my rigs and I'm more than satisfied. It's simple, easy to maintain and there is absolutely no visual difference or difference in packing volume in rig equipped with MPAAD or without any AAD at all.

I know at least another dozen MPAAD owners here in New Zealand and never heard a single complain. All of the batteries I've seen are good for at least for 400 - 500 jumps and with the visible remaining capacity on display I don't have to guess when I need to order a new one.

As far as I know the MPAAD hasn't been built watter proof but I know couple of people who "went for swim" and the unit came out ok.

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Is anyone using one of these Mars AADs?
No reviews

Seems like a cool idea to have everything in one unit rather than several units connected by cables and plugs. So far I have seen no reviews of any evidence of use in the USA. Can somebody give a review? Is this unit in production?

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