Cypres 2

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The Cypres 2 is the latest AAD from Airtec Gmb

CYPRES 2 offers numerous additional features and attributes including:

> The unit is water-resistant for 15 minutes at a depth of 15 feet (5 meters) in fresh and salt water.

> The power supply of CYPRES 2 is maintenance-free for the user.

> The next maintenance due date is accessible from the display anytime you want to see it.

> The unit reminds you when the maintenance date comes near.

> The Cypres 2 is smaller and lighter as well as having a robust, rigger friendly case, with rounded corners and edges.

> Cypres 2 has an extended maintenance window: +/- 6 months from month of manufacture, no down-time during the busy part of the year regardless of month of manufacture.


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Established track record
Cost - but you get what you pay for !

Last spring I started putting together an order for my custom "dream rig". I'd been jumping a very nice rig for the last seven years and it still has an original 2001 model Cypres. The original owner even had a Cypres fire after a very low pull, so I knew the thing worked. It's still in the old rig and has another year or so to go before retiring.

So for my new rig I could have picked a Cypres 2 or a Vigil 2 - the only two AADs worth considering. I know I could have saved a couple hundred bucks with the Vigil - and avoided the hassle of mandatory services, because the Vigil "doesn't need them", or so they say. Vigil also has a 20 year lifespan, which I really don't have a problem with.

But I work in quality control for a living and I'm leery of a sophisticated life saving product that "doesn't need" regular maintenance. I don't mind having my Cypres 2 tested, the batteries replaced, the software updated, and any necessary repairs identified and taken care of every 4 years. I LIKE that extra layer of attention to detail.

I know AADs aren't perfect. I know the Cypres 2 isn't perfect and that anything can fail. I know an AAD only cuts the closing loop and cannot prevent a simple pilot chute hesitation. But I also know a couple people who've been saved by their AADs and that AADs have indeed changed the game for our sport. Unfortunately I keep hearing one incident report after another about the Vigil, the AAD that "doesn't need" maintenance until something "happens". I'll stick with the Cypres 2. I set it in the morning and then forget it's there. I am responsible for pulling my reserve handle. But as frightening as the idea of a reserve deployment at 750 ft. is, it still beats punching a crater by a mile. So my decision was to spend the extra money on a Cypres 2, and that is the AAD that is placed in my new rig.

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It can safe your life
Like all electronic equipment, it may fail

You'll think as long as your machine is on and your reserve is well packed, skydiving is safe, well even cypres may not safe you. Search for cypres_aad_fact_sheet and have a look. Think about and, most important, make questions.

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short useful life

AFTER I had purchased my cypress they decided to make it life limited at 12 yrs. It's been 12 yrs. I now own a new vigil.

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Top Shelf Product - Reliable
Price and service life

Absolutely no arguement with the MANY posters that believe the Cypres is #1, HOWEVER, they ARE quite misinformed about the most used and most saves for AAD's. SSE developed the first WIDESPREAD USE AAD in the late 60's and early 70's. I started teaching 1st jump students in 71, and EVERY student reserve had a Sentinel MK2000 installed. Our dropzone, which put thousands of 1st jumpers out every year, had MANY saves with the Sentinel, and NEVER a misfire - ever. Most larger DZs, like ours, had Sentinels on every single student reserve. So for all you Cypres lovers that think the Cypres was the 1st, BEST, OR HAS HAD THE MOST SAVES, I beg to differ. I personally believe it will be a long time before any AAD can surpass the records of the Sentinels.

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12,5-year full guarantee, reliability, waterproof, simply to operate, excellent customer service
Nothing serious

Until today I saw my Cypres 2 only twice, once when it was new and once when I removed it from the rig for service. No need for battery changes, no defects, no bugs and no damages. That 's why I consider the Cypres 2 as the best AAD on the market. All you have to do is switch it on and then forget it. The 4-year service is worth its money, as Airtec guarantees that all expenses are covered by the fixed service fee. And they guarantee the 100% working condition over 12,5 years, which means 100% reliability without hidden extra costs in that period of time.

The maintenance shows the ultimate degree of perfectionism in saving our lifes:
Everything is checked, calibrated and replaced if necessary:
-temperature stability
-air pressure sensors
-power consumption
-new batteries
-functional check
-cutter check
-electronic shielding check

The absence of different jump modes is no problem for me, as I don't change the AAD between student, experienced and tandem rigs. It also results in less risk, because I don't have to care about me or other people which might change the setting by accident. When I have to change the mode sometime, maybe for swooping, Airtec will do it for free at the factory.

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Time tested basic design with improvements
Expensive, high maintenance costs

We have all been there, CYPRES 1 expiring soon, thinking about becoming a rigger so you can sign your own pack cards keep your CYPRES 1 in your rig for another decade (cause ya just know it isnt worn out), etc, etc. Sooner or later reality sets in. You bite the $1xxx ++ bullet and make a choice for a new AAD purchase. To me it isnt even a close call. I want the product made by the company with the most experience in skydiving AADs. That company is Airtec. Look at that 777 that crashed short of the runway in London a few weeks ago. The software controlled engines wouldnt respond to to pilot or autopilot commands and the 777 essentially became a glider. 777s have been flying a long time, but some new combination of events came up and a malfunction occurred. Cypres 1's have been around long enough that all the big bugs have already been worked out
(RF interference, rate gate set too low for extreme swoopers, etc). Cypres 2 is a very mature product and as an electrical engineer I REALLY like that. I also like Airtecs attitude as shown when they had misfires on a plane (C 130) used in one of the Thailand Huge Ways. The misfires or lockouts were not really the fault of the AAD (aircraft pressurization problems) but Airtec immediately dispatched a rep to Thailand with replacement AADs. No other AAD mfr was as responsive. They also (in conjunction with SSK, their US affiliate) test test and test. They are always looking for potential faults and ways to improve. When I was at WFFC one year they had black box pressure sensing recorders strapped to volunteers to investigate what happens on a high speed tumbling exit. Will a VIGIL or other cheaper AAD work OK? Yes, they will, but for my money I want the oldest most tested basic design available even if it is less than state of the art (Hey Airtec, don't you think it's time to upgrade that ancient seven segment LCD display?). I know Airtec will support the product and that they have a very solid company in the US )(SSK) so that not everything has to go to Germany for work. I talked shop with the SSK folks and I was very impressed with all the circuit and software design choices made by Airtec. Every AAD design has had misfires, but Airtec has the lowest rate in my expereince. Airtec claims that no Cypres properly set up has ever failed to fire when needed. That sounds pretty eextreme, but I am glad if it's true. Was I tempted to buy an AAD that was cheaper or had no factory maintenance requirements? Sure, but then good sense kicked in and I bought a Cypres 2. As an electrical engineer and a father with two kids I wanted an AAD that was well engineered and would deliver my kids' Dad to the ground alive if everything went wrong. I have had two cutaways but never an AAD fire. All things considered, I chose the Cypres 2 as the best AAD solution for me: mature, well designed and well supported.

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Reliable, proven,waterproof
Not the cheapest solution

The Cypres2 does what it says on the tin: it fires at 750ft if you're still descending at over 35m/s.

With more documented saves than the competition, the Cypres2 has proven itself to be very reliable over time.

The only downside to owning one? Its lifetime cost is a little more than some of its competitors.

If you're in the market for an AAD, it comes recommended.

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ok if it gets wet

While driving down a state highway one night, I got clipped by a drunk driver on a turn. His car forced mine off the road and into a creek. I was relatively uninjured, but as soon as I was out of the car it sank like a brick. I did what any straight thinking skydiver would do and dive down for my rig. It was some task to find in the dark and underwater, but I got her out. If you could have seen the look on the state troopers face when he saw me soaked with my equally wet rig slung over my shoulder you would not have been able to contain your laughter. After all was said and done, I went and had everything checked, dried and repacked. The Cypres II was fine, not so much for my cell phone.
I have never been in a position where I needed to use my AAD, but I do feel a bit safer that its there. It has never fired on me, nor have I ever seen one fire w/o good reason. Now stuff happens and nothing is flawless... seriously, we jump out of planes for fun and we all knwo the risk. I would rather have it there than not. But as I have come to understand it, there is a higher risk for swoopers and high performance canopy pilots. I am neither. But what I cna say is that for every DZ I have ever been to and for every person I have ever asked, they all, save one, have recommended the Cypres II. So if experienced skydivers are telling me to use one and DZO's are recommending them, then I am going to continue to use it until somethin' better comes along. I hope this helps.

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leader in AAD's
intiial cost

I have been shopping for an AAD. These guys seems to have been the leaders in the market. More costly than some others available on the market. I believe I will bet my life on this one. It will cost more in the short term, but piece of mind and the history these guys have is comforting. I did have a chance to meet Girard in Eloy AZ a few years back. He was out in the field checking on his products. That says alot to me.

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