Martjin van Dam 

In April '97 Martijn van Dam started skydiving at Skydive Teuge in the Netherlands. He immediately fell in love with the sport and soon became a full time skydiver. Martijn has done about 3400 jumps in Europe, the US and Australia. He's an experienced cameraman, freeflyer and the director of Skydive Productions, a Video & Photo Production Company.

Martijn's also enjoys speed skydiving and his personal speed record is 473 km/h. His goal is to reach the 500 km/h barrier and compete in the major speed skydiving events in 2001.

This season Martijn will working mainly for Skydive Teuge as a photographer & video man while coaching Freeflying and Camera Flying. He's also collecting footage for his next video release, Director's Cut, which is planned to be ready in November 2001. Martijn is the cameraman of the freefly team Airpushers. Airpushers are currently competing in the 2001 WAG in Spain. He's also slotted film an upcoming talent in the freestyle woman category at the WAG.

About skydiving Martijn says: "It is a real playground up there. I like the faces of students that are for the first time in freefall, for skydivers it is a natural thing, for newbies it's all great.. I like to capture that moment of joy, getting them out of sensory overload and make them laugh."