Roberto Mettifogo 

Roberto Mettifogo is a 26 year old photographer and radio DJ from Verona, Italy who has done over 1600 skydives. Besides skydiving Roberto counts world class BMX competition, athletics, swimming and horse riding as amongst his sporting pursuits. His other hobbies include radio controlled airplane models, web design and kite piloting.

Roberto jumps in the freefly team KIMIK and as video man in the freestyle team FREEMIK. He has done 1600 freeflying and freestyle jumps, 200 freefly coaching jumps and 200 tandem, AFF and RW video jumps.

Roberto says he took his first skydiving inspiration from freestyler Marco Manna and the filming techniques of Patrick Passe. He counts Alaska Jon, Mike Vail and Charles Bryan as his favorite freeflyers and instructors. He jumps competitively and has managed a 3rd place in 1998 in the Italian National Freestyle Championships and a 3rd place in the 2000 Italian Nationals in the Freeflying discipline.

Ask him what he'd like to see in skydiving and he says: "Advanced canopy pilot and landing instruction in the AFF levels and more, more, more safety meetings all around the world."