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So I guess that means the 'Fly like a brick' thing is staying on your frontpage mr marketingman?;):P

Yes Jarno it is. You are imagining that I have a lot more interest in your team than I do. That item in the top 10 was actually inspired by a phase told to me more than once by a Wingsuit Coach:

"Think like brick, fly like brick"

It is a coincidence and nothing more. I googled "fly like brick" a few times and Wicked Wingsuits was at highest on the 4th page....so if it was an attempt at SEO as you think then I would say it was a FAIL on my part...and I know I can do better than that. ;)

You are all focused on SEO when I actually use AdWords...which has little to do with the actual content of my site. So you are all barking up the wrong tree. You did clue me in to some new keywords to add, thanks. ;)

Edit to add: Team SEO will see you in Elsinore in Nov! :P
Summer Rental special, 5 weeks for the price of 4! That is $160 a month.

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This thread is good entertainment.

You should probably also add


Wicked Wingsuits hasn't pre-screened these individuals or confirmed their skill or jump numbers with a wingsuit or as an instructor, so, of course, we don't provide

few people like to over-inflate their numbers... jus' saying... but they are my heros.:ph34r:;)

Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?

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