Russian 36-way attempts

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Not so grid-friendly,

Forget all that silly judging stuff untill its properly figured out and 100% functional (IPC is working on that). Just focus on flying good formations, and getting them as tight as you can fly them. Looking great so far! Really good flying guys!

Ive emailed you, with Tom's adres (the programmer).
I think the last version stopped working (date limitation) but he should be able to hook you up with the latest version, which uses the circles to measure the distance/tollerance.
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but, but ... bent legs!!! :D

sorry, couldn't stop myself - of course this is just irony on this dork forum

Congratulations! Great flying.

Congratulations, nice formation!

With the wide range of suits there is going to be some bent legs but overall they didn't appear to bent (of course they can always be straighter :P) ... plus, it was a horizontal formation (speed is more important in a vertical formation).
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