Spaceland jumps past weekend

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Some wing suit pilots showed up at Spaceland these past weekends. Purple Mike got at least two new pilots join the flock. For one of the jumps we got on the plane after after some serious dirt diving and it took Mike less than a second to say, we are going to plan B(cloud surfing). That is jump 1.

Turn off the sound, there is no music. It is just so the new guys that jumped can see themselves in action.


Everyone in the video on the last jump other than Mike is a newbie. Cody in the Orange Prodigy(4th jump) got a nice dock. Thanks everyone and specially Purple Mike for the jumps it was lots of fun.

I ordered a P2 with back flying inlets. Yeah, I give in, it is too much fun. Hopefully Robi is planning a P3 soon so that I can buy that without back inlets and feel like I have maintained some form of purity.

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