V4 vs X2

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Which one is better...


Actually I did get my new X2 today. So I stacked my V4 on top of it to see which is bigger and checked each suit out on the ground. The X2 is slightly larger, but they are quite close. Leg wings are near identical though.

Each was built for me. Unfortunately I only got about 10 skydives on my V4 before I ripped the ligaments out of both my ankles (BASE jumping), so in another 4-ish weeks of good physio, I should be back in the sky and have an actual opinion of 2 manufacturers best suits.

Though, I will probably only base the V4 unless I feel a radical change in preference. My previous suits I based were the Phantom, V2 and V3 so I am a base pouch guy.

I must say though, this is my 1st Tonysuit wingsuit, my other 5 wingsuits being Phoenix Fly, and neither manufacturer disapointed me thus far. I like what I see. Both fit well and each have their unique little twists and features on things.

I just really like flying.... 3 weeks out of it thus far is torture. I figure mid July for a return. At least I have a lot to look forward to.


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Those 2 are in a slightly different class so I'm curious about a comparison too. PF's Venom is more of the model sitting in the class of X2. I would be really curious to hear people comparing the 2 when it comes to performance (distance,time). I don't think both Venom/X2 have anything on V4 when it comes to forward speed.

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I think agility/steering inputs needed to fly the V4 is quite a big difference as well. Its quite easy on steering, where-as the other ones require real delecate input to not make them do wild out of control turns and dives.

Stuff thats often seen on some flyers skydiving and basejumping those bigger suits....

Comparing the suits the other Venom class suits also seems to require an 'arms back' flying style if you want to do agressive manouvres. The V4 flies much more 'phantom-like' in steering.
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