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I got to say, it's a lot more fun when you can backfly...
still need to learn a lot but having fun so far doing it.
In attachment a pic of my 8th backfly jump with my Phantom2. What a suit !
Not always that stable in the beginning, but its' gettin better and better. ;)
Thanks Jarno of FLB & my teammate Bavo for the tips and Bavo for the pic. :)

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I'm a low-numbers WS flyer, less than 40 WS jumps. I fly a Phantom 2 at a DZ with few sport jumpers, almost all tandems, and few WS'ers. So I'm mostly soloing and have been concentrating on flying as smoothly and consistently as possible lately.

I've done only a handful of backfly jumps and struggle to make the front to back and particularly back to front transitions smoothly. Often going from back to front I end up rather head down, which sometimes means a moment of instability before getting back to a nice front-fly.

Does anyone have any tips for smooth transitions? I've watched a few of the two-way artistic jumps to try to glean how some jumpers make the rolls look so elegant, but feel like mine probably look sloppy at best.

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