PR2k10 flockers in UK men's mag and Italian electric scooter ad

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I've been meaning to post this for a while, finally getting around to it. :$ A phone call from Purple Mike tonight reminded me.

So, the flockers from the PR 2010 boogie have been getting a little international exposure. First, we have the UK men's mag Loaded with some really funny captions. The best one is the caption of double rodeo... seems even from the pic, the editor could tell what PM's ulterior motives were for doing a rodeo! :D I haven't even read the whole article yet... I hope there isn't anything too inaccurate there!

Loaded Mag 1
Loaded Mag 2
Loaded Mag 3

Next we have the Italian eco-conscious electric scooter company Oxygen. I was honestly a little surprised about their choice to use wingsuits to promote a scooter, but according to the editor when asked:

"We spoke about being pioneering and about the importance of having ecological fleet. So I thought that the flight and in particular flock will be perfect to represent freedom an future."

Although I do get a kick out of the caption: "Visionary? No. Pioneering." :D

Oxygen front cover
Oxygen contents
Oxygen rear cover

The images posted are the property of Loaded Mag and Oxygen Spa, respectively.

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Purple Mike making the rounds ... cool. Using wingsuits to advertise scooters ... lame.

Nice one Matt.

Advertisers using wingsuits for whatever is O.k, IMO.

I don't have anything against using wingsuits for advertising ... I just think it's lame.
"That looks dangerous." Leopold Stotch

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