Wingsuit Cliff Rope Jump

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ok i'm confused. What the hell are they doing? At first I thought he was roped to another base jumper who deployed a parachute and suspended the first.. was expecting the first to cutaway and do another jump (now that would have been cool). So is it attached to the exit point and he just hangs from it once it is taught? How does it slow him down without jerking him? how does he get off the end???

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Maybe Calvin will post how they set this up, he has a lot of experience with rope jumping.

hahah word, thanks for the intro. :)
(the following is not in reply to Halfpast)

for fucks sake people, it is not a rope swing. :P

this is a ROPE JUMP. or, technically, a DYNAMIC ROPE FREEFALL ARREST SYSTEM. (though dynamic rope is not always used, static rope is used in a dynamic manner because it absorbs energy better than dynamic in some cases)

My team and I that have over a decade in rigging systems like that call it "Infinite angle rope engineering"

compared to a bungee jump, pretty complex. takes a ton of knoledge and experience to rig. (not really because of the complexity, but because of the difficulty of making so much rope work together)

these guys did a pretty sweet job. (even though it was not the first wingsuit rope jump.:P)


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I'm not an expert rope rigger, but I have jumped a freefall pendulum. With a 200 ft. static blue line rope. Going into freefall, then falling into the arch of the pendulum and sceaming across the sky semi-horizontally. If I called it a swing, I miss represented it. The rigging of the supporting members, and secondary protection of those members, and primary and secondary protective rigging of these systems are why they can be jumped. Extremely technical. People who try to rig this, who are not experts, and try to jump this way will probably get killed.
Life is short ... jump often.

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