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put it this way...
I put on the new phantom as soon as it arrived.
A friend with whom I often fly put on the older Phantom2.
He was kinda pissed because he couldn't keep up with me (and that's usually not a problem for him in his own Phantom 2) 2:47 my first jump on it.
Same thing happened today with a kid that is 6" taller than I am, same weight. I'm usually punching it to stay with him in his P2. Today he was chasing me pretty hard.

The new Phantom flies quite a bit faster than the last generation, and overall it's a bit smoother to fly (seems to be, only 10 jumps on it so far)
The new booties, grippers, tail, legs, cutaway system, sleeve, slight armwing diff, shoulder pitch, zippers...all these little things add up to greater performance.

The end of this video shows the two P2's in flight. I'm backflying the new one. Matt is above me in the "old" one.

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