Missing Tonysuit Mach 1 Wingsuit

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I know that this is listed in the wrong forum, but I'd also bet that 95% of you never look at the parts of dz.com where this should go. Since wingsuiters are a community within a community, I'm hoping the mods will let this post stay here.

I'm missing my old Tonysuit Mach 1. I jumped it earlier in the year, but between a couple of moves (divorce is fun!) and a lot of travel this summer, it seems to have gone AWOL.

It's an old suit with a lot of wear on it, I'm told it's ugly as Hell, and it has the old (non-"bird") wing, so it's not worth a whole lot, but it was my first suit and it has nostalgia value to me.

$400 reward for its recovery; no questions asked.

It's black, with a red front and trim tape, and has a neon green swoosh/stripe on the wings. A picture of it can be found here. http://skwrl.smugmug.com/Skydiving/Pepperell-July-25-2009/9052770_36cY5#602558799_jVNno


Edited to bump the dollar amount up.
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There was that "pile" on the floor. Could it have gotten picked up when Justin took all the suits and it somehow made it to the "Tony" demo boxes? He was trying to gather al the suits for some boogies the following weeks.. Just a thought.

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