Tonysuit Wingsuit mod for the Eagle.

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Well, I just got the suit back and no major modification done as far as I can tell. Basically he only got rid of the webbed gloves and put grippers on the thing. I was looking forward to a whole new wing. Guess not. Damn everytime I talk to the guy I have a hard time understanding him due to his dialect. No problems I just have to speak to someone that I can understand more clear without the dialect. Tony always makes a quality product as far as I can tell. Just wish been more clear to me what was being done for the $150.00 charge. Thanks
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I'm not going to say Tony's accent is the easiest for us Americans to understand, but I could understand the confusion.

I'm not a Tonysuit rep, but I think that they offered a modification for the Eagle's wings that gets rid of the webbies and puts in a safety sleeve for around $150.

The modification that you seem to have been expecting is the "-bird wing" modification (e.g., turning a Raptor effectively into an R-bird). That's $400 (or at least it used to be, the last time I asked). It includes basically involves creating brand new wings for the suit; the old wings are removed. I have no idea whether it's even possible to do on an Eagle, though...

So if you asked for a modification to your Eagle's wings, Tonysuits might have thought you wanted to get rid of the webbies (which quite frankly I think is a good idea), but not completely replace the wing.

Again, I'm not a Tonysuit representative, and I could be dead wrong, but that's my limited understanding. I'm sure someone can chime in if I'm wrong.
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