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Over in the Best Manufacturer thread, Macca posted that he wanted to hear if someone had ever had a problem with a PF product that hadn't been resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

I'd had an issue with a brand new Prodigy I that cropped up in at the very end of 2006. I emailed back and forth with Robbi/PF in early 2007, but somehow my issue fell through the cracks (IIRC, one of the head honchos having some medical issues in that time frame), and I gave up on it and moved to a different company's products.

When I saw Macca's post I thought "what the hell, even if they say 'get lost", all it will have cost me is some time." Contrary to my expectations, Macca took my complaint seriously and came up with a solution that went above and beyond what was needed to resolve the issue, and then in addition to that, took other steps to show that PF was sorry for the issue having gone unresolved for so long.

I believe n giving credit where it's due, and with Macca in charge of customer service, I think that PF now gives L&B a run for their money on what it means to deliver excellent customer service.

"If you end up in an alligator's jaws, naked, you probably did something to deserve it."

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I think a large problem in general (for a lot of brands) is that often customer service issues are sooner posted on dropzone.com and similar forums, than contacting costumer service directly.

Sometimes things do slip through, but Robert is king in making sure all costumers are taken care of (should there be anything in terms of sizing or a production issue).

Glad to see you a happy flyer...
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I don't think any company other than Phoenix Fly has sent me an IM on Facebook to update me on the status of my order.

I was surfing away one night and a little window popped up. It was Robert Pecnik just wanting to tell me the suit was coming along nicely.

That he even knew who I was, in terms of the number of orders they must be processing, is evidence that they actually care about their costomers.

I have nothing but good things to say about PF:)

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