Made my first Wing Suit jump!

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Jumped an older wingsuit this past weekend. It was a GTI suit. The jump was really fun right up until the opening.

I have a 230 Spectre that spun up about six times. It started rotating me out side the spin so I grabbed the handles and started pulling. :(

I really never get line twists with my Spectre. Is this an isuse with wingsuit openings due to my body position or or was it a rare thing and I should write it off to packjob/body pos.?

It was still a kick ass ride! ;)

Blu 1's,


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Others can give the specific "whys"... but there's a reason that wingsuiters tend to upsize.... rather than downsize... their canopies. ;)

I currently fly a Pilot 150 that has been very good to me on openings.

Don't think you'd want to upsize that 230 though. You probably just had a wonky body position at pull time. It's common on early flights.

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If you have video of the opening, look at your body position. Were your arm and leg wings closed? Were you symmetrical? Were you arched? Were your shoulders level? Did you remain symmetrical and closed through the entire deployment?

I bet the answer to at least one of these questions is no, and that's the reason for your line twists.

It will continue and recur, regardless of canopy size (it did with my 210) until you focus on the ABCDs (Arch, Bend Your Knees, Close your Wings, and Deploy - and keep everything closed until your slider comes down).

Hopefully you had an experienced wingsuit instructor who taught your first course (I'm sure a bunch will chime in here...)

P.S., congratulations, well done, welcome to the flock, all that stuff.
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I would have to go with body position on this one then. I did have my feet apart on opening.

I tucked up but when I threw I had my legs apart. Im used to my "normal" opening when I fly my camera suit that I didn't think about the legs.

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Congrats on your first flight and welcome to the flock!

I take it you just went by yourself and didn't do a first flight course with a coach/instructor?

This is one of those things that gets thoroughly covered in an FFC, among many other important little details. It's also something that could have easily been shown to you on a video debrief.

As others have already mentioned, your tailwing is probably the reason you got linetwists. Closing everything up in a symmetrical manner on deployment ensures a much cleaner opening. You may see experienced pilots pull in full flight... but that comes much much later, when you are very experienced and can actually continue to fly well through that deployment.

Until then, at deployment time you should wave-off with your legwing, keeping tailwing closed at the end of your wave-off, arch (hard), reach back (both arms, symetrically) and pull (give it a nice, good, throw, again, symetrically - both arms go out). Then quickly bring everything back in and stay closed and arched THROUGHOUT the deployment.

You might also want to do a few practice touches that way. Play with holding that all-wings-collapsed pull position stable for a few seconds, then back to full flight.

And preferably have a chat and a jump with a competent wingsuit instructor in your area, rather than reading our advice here on the internets. It is important to have all the right information to build good habits early on, before you do anything sketchy on a bigger suit just because you got away with it on the smaller gti.

Hope to see you at a wingsuit boogie sometime!

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