Articulated Harness / Cut in laterals not recommended for WS?

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While I was ordering Infinity container I said that I want
articulated harness (they only do rings on legstraps), cut in laterals
and all the wingsuit mods so I could have good rig for freefly/wingsuit
(I don't do WS yet)

They responded that they do not recommend articulated harness
or cut in laterals (one of them, don't remember now which one) for WS
because they said that they had complaints of some sort from customers.
This was forwarded to me by my dealer who had been told this by guys from infinity and I had to make a decision whether I want
these options or not.

Finally I took both these options mainly for freeflying but I'm still
wondering why would cut in laterals or articulated harness be bad for WS (again I
don't remember which option was not recommended for WS, it was
either cut in laterals or articulated harness)?

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I have owned four different "wingsuit" rigs since I started. I can tell you with absolute confidence that if you are jumping a tiny rig like mine are, then you do not want cut-in laterals. They only bind up at the back zip/connection-side of your suit. They make rigging slightly more difficult in old "lace up" suits and they tear at your zips on later suits. Again: if you jump a tiny rig, then don't bother with cut-ins. If you jump a larger rig, then it won't matter.

FWIW: I jump a Wings W1-1 EXT with wingsuit mods (no cut-ins) as my primary wingsuit rig.

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