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The press release is here.

The June issue of Parachutist will have a full feature article on the weekend and some very sweet photos. I will post the pdf of the article to the Raise the Sky site once I get it from USPA (it goes to print this week).

Skydive TV is doing a segment with some of our video footage, and Phil got to show off his rough cut edited to Angels and Airwaves' "Soul Survivor" to the band yesterday backstage at their concert. They are now Phil Peggs fans, and the final short video will be on our website in the next few days.

Thanks, -T
It's the Year of the Dragon.

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Not sure why you mixed the tandem stuff with the XRW stuff, Phil. At least for skydiver viewing anyway. The XRW jumps merit the attention; not the charity.

Watching the footage as it came in on the ground gave me chills. But so did knowing this awe-some flying raised money and awareness for a great cause.

Though not an obvious pairing, both the skydiving and charity sides of the event worked as a team for the larger cause. Where else would such an assortment of personalities converge for such an unique event? The video reflects the range of activity that went on that weekend, which I find rather appropriate.


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