New site release for Scottyburns.com During the Wingsuit Bigway

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Hey guys and gals... Im announcing that I will be launching a new site devoted to All the events ive been covering over the last couple years. I will have a new place for you to check out in the next day or two, but until then, you can see what we've been up to in elsinore on my current site or on facebook. Thanks to everyone participating in this event for your overwhelming support!!

Ill get back to you with the new site addy when its ready... Blue skies!
Z Flock #11; Muff #1909; PFI #15, USPA Lifer
Commercial Multi-Inst. Airplane/Rotory
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Hey Scotty Thanks bro. Those are great shots and some really beautiful sunset/(and sillowettes) posted on your main site along with the formation building photos. You always seem somehow to get all around up there and shoot so many different angles... completely off the grid and free...and that sorta puts us observers behind your camera as if we are there.

Since no one out there has time to look around at the awesome Elsinore coastal mountains and sky while they are focusing on flying their slots,...your positioning skills, angles and composition is giving all your flying buddies a gift of seeing and feeling the beauty of what they are accomplishing "later" ,...(something they just can't appreciate at the moment.... but will come to value highly as they look back through your photo efforts)...

I miss hearing the laughs and energy I know is going on out there every day and the joy I've seen in you when you are happy doing what you love to do. So keep doing "your good" Freeeeeeeedom !

PS: Remember to remind all the jumpers out there that what you, Matt and the other photogs do,.. is a profession and art as well as fun ( much like really good pole dancing) ,..and that tips "are" appreciated ..... ( Nevermind,..I know you guys wouldn't do that,.... so I just did) Later,....
Life is what happens while we are making other plans.

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