Human Bird Channel 4 Monday 14th Sept 9pm (UK)

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Craig has very kindly given me permission to post the following information about a new TV series on C4 in the UK.



A brand new series of visually stunning films which asks what compels some people to risk their lives and push themselves to the physical and mental limits of human capability.

Each film follows one Daredevil in a quest to fulfil a personal dream: to cross one of the world’s highest canyons, hundreds of feet above the ground on an inch-wide rope without a safety harness; to run a marathon 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, barefooted and wearing only a pair of shorts; to fly down the face of the Matterhorn in a winged Teflon suit only ten feet away from the surface; and to take a home-made flying car on an odyssey from London to Timbuktu, driving across Europe and flying across sea and desert.

The extraordinary scenes of bravery and athleticism prompt the question: why do these characters push themselves further than anyone else on the planet.

Divorce, arrests, wealth, crashes, fame and frostbite – the personal stories of the Daredevils are as intense as the activities that they endanger their lives for.

Daredevils - The Human Bird

The first film, The Human Bird , follows daredevil Jeb Corliss as he aims to fly down the Matterhorn in Switzerland in a winged suit, within five feet of the jagged cliff face.

Proximity-wingsuit flying involves donning a state-of-the-art winged suit, jumping out of a helicopter or off a cliff side thousands of feet up, and flying terrifyingly close to some of the world's most dangerous mountain faces, before pulling a parachute at the very last minute. It is the closest man has ever got to realising the dream of flight; and it is extremely dangerous. Jeb Corliss has a self-confessed death wish. As a young boy he was diagnosed with counterphobia: 'a pathological desire to confront fear'.

Jeb, who always wears black, has found that the thrill he gets from leaping from the world's highest buildings and mountains is the only way to free himself from his dark moods and suicidal tendencies: 'Through death, I found my life.' But his Matterhorn dare proves far from straightforward. Arrested for attempting to base-jump off the Empire State Building, Jeb could be facing a year in prison.

Hope you are able to watch and discuss!

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its not even that the stealth isn't a great suit cause of such a big wing (though thats a valid argument)

To me the angle of the mountain made a big suit have to be flown arched with feet up, didnt seem to be needed (at least looked that way from some of the slow mo footage, and the cams pointing back at his feet). I like watching the proximity flying where guys are busting it out toes pointed. This felt a bit more like flocking

anyway still a cool vid, insiprational views, and definatly would be cool to be there.

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I find it funny how everyone is talking about these super scary big wing-suits causing pilot chute hesitations :) The worst pilot chute hesitation I have ever seen was on a classic and it lasted for almost 4 seconds. It has very little to do with the size of the wings and way more to do with the way a person collapses the wings during the pull. If you go right back into flight after the pull there will be no hesitation. But if you collapse the wings and keep them collapsed you will drill a hole in the sky and a hesitation is more likely. This is true with all wing-suits no matter what the size of the wings :)

Also, the matterhorn has a 50 degree slope :) So no matter what wing-suit you fly you will have to dive the shit out of it to get close and fly down that ridge :) The bigger wings just give you more range if you get your self in a bad spot.

I love the stealth for proxy and it is my wing-suit of choice for everything :) It just has so much range. Stable suit, easy to fly, easy pull with out having to put the pilot chute in a leg pouch and performance that is unmatched in any other suit I have flown. If you want to go fast you can go fast. If you want to go slow you can go slow. It's a perfect suit...


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I have a V3 as well. I like it but no where near as much as my stealth. V3 has only one speed, fast :) Sometimes it's nice to slow things down without just falling out of the sky :) Still waiting for the stealth 2 but find it hard to believe they can make it better :) How do you make perfect more perfect :)

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PC hesitations are actually very common in WS BASE. 99% of the time it's down to a lazy pull, with the reasons usually being fatigue of the jumper, cold, stress or fear.

If the jumper is wearing a suit with bigger wings, they tend to be flying slower on both axis (horizontal and vertical), which combined with the increased turbulence caused by the bigger wings, can lead to the time needed for the PC to clear to be considerably longer than when using smaller wings, or suits with a faster forward speed.

Jumping bigger wings in BASE can be fun, but the jumper has to be very experienced and fully understand the risks. Opening low with big wings can get you into serious trouble. One lazy pull, combined with a low opening altitude can be fatal.
Robert Pecnik
[email protected]

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