Wingsuit Freeflying

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Cool beans dude!
Ive added it to WWWN for you!

What speeds where you doing downward!??
And did you have GPS to prove it...ooh..wait...wrong thread:P

Going back to that first remark (on speed) would be interesting to see a slow and controlled plane-out from these speeds. That must be some insane forward speed/lift you're getting from that one...

Now lets wait and see unexperienced flyers copy this one to be cool on YouTube:S:D.

I'm an Athlete?

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Pick me, pick me! I want to be that retard hahaha B|

Cool stuff. I dare someone to try it upright (stand). Then dare someone to try a hang ten. Hmmm, someone throw Omar a wingsuit. Zoom Zoom! meow

Omar actually owns a wingsuit, a very unique one at that. THIS is Omar circa 03. As expected, Omar flies a wingsuit like he stole it. And yes, you can fly one in a STAND.
"It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required"
Some people dream about flying, I live my dream

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