VIDEO: Z-Flock 5.0

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Tired of arguing about USPA and wingsuits in the other thread? Watch this video, it's guaranteed to be more fun!

Watch (HD)
Watch (standard)

This video is dedicated to the memory of Rob Jones, and the soundtrack is a favorite song of his, chosen by his wife Kathy. Without Rob and the Z-Flock events, the wingsuit/flocking world (along with most of us in it) would not be where it is today. This one's for you, Rob. :D

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Exelent video Matt!

Watched it several times already!
Great vibe. Love the groundstuff. Most videos lack in that (showing only the jumps). This one really shows the boogie vibe!

Hope to fly with you again soon...shame we only got to share a few jumps there...!

My video is still about 3 to 4 weeks away (in the middle of moving to a new place, and also slightly crippled). But awesome seeing this one!
I'm an Athlete?

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Great video matt!

But man..you really caught me off guard with that pic of Rob...wow, to be honest that was the first time I've looked at his picture since his accident. Really brought it all right back.....sigh....

But again...thanks Matt for making us wingsuiters look a lot cooler than we actually are :P:P

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