Welcome Six More Birds to the Flock From Carolina Fest

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Please welcome six more birds to the flock. CONGRATS to all !!!

Dale Bragg
Derrick Krakaw
Lisa Schieffer
Jeanne Welsh
Priscilla Matson
Sam Lendle

Photos to follow ---

Big thanks to Skydive Carolina and the entire event staff !!!
WSI-5 / PFI-51 / EGI-112 / S-Fly
The Brothers Gray Wing Suit Academy
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Thanks man!

Lisa and I had a lot of fun jumping with you, was a great way to end our weekend at Carolina Fest. The whole experience was really neat and I could see myself wanting to do this a bit more :)

Where troubles melt like lemon drops Away above the chimney tops That's where you'll find me.
Swooping is taking one last poke at the bear before escaping it's cave - davelepka

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I wanted to add that several of these new birds are locals at Skydive Carolina so expect to see more wingsuit action there in the future. I hope to see a flourishing new flock there soon!

Congrats to all our students. Everyone did a fantastic job on their first flight.

Welcome to the flock guys!!!
WSI-6 / PFI-55
The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy

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