4 New/ Old Videos On The Wingsuit Channel

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Great videos Jeff! I haven't been able to fly lately and I've got to tell you that watching these really makes me miss it. I'll be a little rusty when I get back in the air, but I really do believe that watching videos is better than nothing for keeping the skills alive. I have a few of me flying, but I've watched them so many times that even I am bored with them now. Hopefully I'll have a chance to get some new ones soon.
But what do I know?

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Thats the great thing about the internet these days..
There is a such a wealth of great (of sometimes not so great) videos popping up online.
Scouring over Vimeo, YouTube and all the other media sources daily, its amazing to see how much stuff is out there (and gets uploaded).

You really could spend half your day checking out wingsuit stuff online, and not see the same thing twice (unless its that 'seven sunny days' base video...hard to not see that one 50.000 times anywhere you lookB|).

Cool vids..!

I'm an Athlete?

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