SKYFEST 2009 WS Big-Way Skills Camp

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Scotty, thanks so much for the quick upload of those shots. They look great. Thanks for flying up from Florida for the event.

Many thanks to J Schrimsher and Raeford Parachute Center for hosting the event. It was an absolute blast. J puts in a huge amount of time and money to host this event and it shows. He really does put on a classy event.

Thanks to all the wingsuit pilots who attended. You guys & girls made the boogie a success. We made some great formations including some challenging 2 point dives that were a ton of fun.

Congratulations to all the new birds who completed their FFC. We had 11 people attend our ground classes and got 6 people up for their FFC jump. Unfortunately Sundays winds didn't allow for any student jumps. We will get you guys done at the next boogie. Please stay posted.

Torrey, sorry you got screwed by the winds again. We'll get you in a wingsuit soon!! Don't give up!

I highly recommend everyone put this boogie on the calendar for next year!

WSI-6 / PFI-55
The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy

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Hey Chris and Scott... as usual you guys were excellent organizers, hosts, mentors, friends, and ambassadors for the sport. Thanks a lot !

Wow those are great pics! Thanks so much for getting them up so fast Scotty.

It was fun, I can't wait for the next one.
... Marion

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Here are some pics from SkyFest - more will be posted to our website later in the week.

Sorry for some of the fuzzy pics, all are HD video grabs.
WSI-5 / PFI-51 / EGI-112 / S-Fly
The Brothers Gray Wing Suit Academy
Contact us for first flight and basic flocking courses at your DZ or boogie.

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