2009 Belgian Wingsuit Weekends!

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The Black-Mountain Wingsuit Weekends!

Zwartberg (aka 'Black Mountain') is a nice dropzone in Belgium with a big landing area, swooppond, comfi bar and nice and warm Cessna Caravan.
Next to our traveling, we have choosen this DZ as our home-base for this season, and we will be pushing the nylon as hard as we can there.

There will be quote a few more, but here are the first two dates:

21/22 Februari
First Flight Courses and 1 op 1 coaching for skydivers that want to help the Belgian WingForce grow!
There will be load organising for the more experiences pilots, where we will aim for (multiple) small groups flying nice and completed formations.

Over the course of the year, we want to expand on this and work towards flying an un-official belgian wingsuit formation record (in both an international and 'belgians only' version)

14/15 March
This weekend we also offer the option for first flights and/or 1 on 1 coaching, but the main focus will be flying formations in two or three groups (depending on attendance and experience)
We will try and merge the groups during the weekend, so we can fly some of the first bigger formations in Belgium.

video and briefings
All jumps will be made with a good briefing, video during freefall and debrief (both coaching/instruction and formation jumps) and all will also be properly debriefed afterward.
We will create a fun compilation video of both weekends, while will be available to watch on our website afterward.

demo suits
We will have the full range of suits from Phoenix Fly there for you to try, so if you are already a seasoned pilot and you want to try a different suit than your own for a change...this is your chance!
Just browse the PF website and see which suit you'd want to try, and we'll make sure we have it there as a demo for you to fly!

If you're interested in attending the event for the formation jumps or a first flight course. Drop us a line at flylikebrick@gmail.com.
If you're not ready to fly a wingsuit yet, or just want to hang out or swoop the pond, feel free to join in and also (of course) share a drink with us afterward...

More info regarding (low as usual) cost and logging/stay soon!
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The weather predictions are a bit iffy...can go both ways..
We will most likely go to the DZ and do the first flight courses, and depending on weather situations either find local entertainment in the form of GoCarts, Kites, Laptops or whatever we can find....but of course...hoping to jump..

If the weather doesnt cooperate, we will aim at next weekend for the re-match!

I will post a weather update here friday evening around 18:00 for everyone to see...
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