Labor Day weekend Turbine C-16 Caribou weekend at Z-Hills

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We have layed on a very unique aircraft for Labor Day weekend here at Z-hills. It's a DeHaviland C-16 Caribou converted to turbine. I hear it's got dual -74 Pratts. I know that it's got over 1100 HP per side. If you do not know what a Caribou is, it's a high-wing transport that was the primary aircraft at the old Herd Boogie and was the prime mover for the demonstration teams on the Golden Knights for a very-long time.

Anyway, we have this aircraft for the weekend and Randy Kern will be flying it. I think we are charging either $26 or $28 per slot, but it's got a huge tailgate and we can do some very nice flying out of it.

If you are not otherwise-occupied, we would appreciate it here at Skydive City (and the Z-Flock) if you would show up and play with us that weekend. For you people not from the USA, Labor day is always the first monday in September. The airplane will be here the entire weekend prior and Monday, Labor Day. Come one and come all.

Chuck Blue
Z-Flock Wingsuit School
Skydive City, FL

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Hurricane Gustav pulled winds and rain over Florida most of the weekend (even though it was very far away) and we were only able to get a handful of jumps out of this magnificent airplane. Don't hesitate if you ever get the chance to jump this airplane!

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