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wingsuit tandem
A double wingsuit tandem, jumped at the GoFast wingsuit boogie 2007 (hungary). Due to movement between the passenger and tandemmaster, the heading was 'ever-evolving', and it was the most active chasing Ive ever had to do across the sky.
Not the coolest of pictures, but the double wingsuit tandem looks funky..

tandem flyby
More a dive-by than a fly-by, but it was a cool stunt for a TV program in Holland. Its always fun showing this picture, and people looking at it like "yea..soo..its a tandem?" only spotting the wingsuit between the lines (roughly 2 meters in front of the canopy) after looking at it again

TG an72
Cool people doing cool things..
There is nothing like flying with friends, and trying new things (new to us as a team) and coming down with the biggest smiles ever when it all works as planned or even better

ukraine let
Cool exit, climbing slighly above the plane after exit.
Just one of the coolest things to do

beach opening
a cool step by step shot of a wingsuit opening, on a beach jump in Holland

One of the many cool pix David took over Spain.
I could fill 2 walls in my house with wingsuit pictures shot by David.
Though odly enough, 1 staticline jump-landing of me under a 280 sq/ft canopy and an IKEA basejump poster is all I have there..:S

Could probably continue for an hour like this, as one of the best ways to get loads of shots is to not BUY a camera..but spend that money on jumps and FLY in front of other peoples cameras..

Mike could probably teach seminars on that subject..:P
I'm an Athlete?

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yes he had a camera - but we found that if he looked at me when i docked or looked towards me he started steering the wingsuit flyer towards me - alas he got footage of the ground ;) the guy is almost in a tracking position at one point - speeds were decent at times.

we want to get a shot next of a double dock on the parasite. thats the money shot!

scott - will try bring some biltong - hope we dont get nailed at the airport bringing it in !!!

looking forward to the boogies !!!

~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~

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