BLPS - Bent legs pain syndrome?

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Does anyone else here have BLPS?

BLPS - Bent Legs Pain Syndrome - is a condition when you can't bend your legs, or half-collapse your amrwings, or arch when you're flying wingsuit - because it almost brings you physical pain, or is equivalent, in some sense, to physical pain.

It's when you can't watch any video of flocking with a bunch of people "flying" with bent legs. It's simply too painful to watch!

Even BASE videos where jumpers try to stay relative to each other. I literally cover the phone with my palm or drag the scrollbar on computer to skip when I watch videos like this, because it's too painful to watch!

A streamer at only 30 degrees to vertical??? (L/D = 0.6). What a torture!

Is that FLYING?!

Can't watch NOT FLYING. It's disgusting!

Can't stand NOT FLYING. It's like, WTF?!

"Why didn't you slow down?! - Well, I couldn't. I can't bend my legs..."

I'm Yuri, and I have BLPS.

Join the revolt against BMFS - Barely Moving Forward Syndrome!!!

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But writing posts on DZ.com won't help much.. (but it does pass time at work)

Lead by example.

Yeah I'm still waiting for that fantastic discovery, clever invention, stylish accessory specific to wingsuits from you that is going to "revolutionizes" my flights.....and all we get is blah, blah, blah....

I know you can do it Yuri because I can tell you are crazy brilliant! But you have no time to waste on DZ.com like the rest of us rotting vegetables. Get busy! Get on it! Do a trick!

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