Great example of idea sharing and collaboration in dream of flight

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in reply to "If we could combine only 1% of our collective talent, we'll be..... etc etc "

Its not difficult to see where you're coming from here. The overall and relative sameness of the wingsuiting experience can be a bit of a let down after such a rush of innovation when commercial wingsuits were new(ish).
Many see this as a necessary stage of development ie to boost numbers in the flock or boost sales of wingsuits and perhaps even to fuel continued innovation of design.

Perhaps the difficult part is facing up to the challenge of actually helping to push this whole human flight thing forward.
For myself ,flying around in the sky is a relaxing and beautiful experience. This could be improved by going faster, longer, slower higher etc but basically the flying bit is fairly fulfilling., even with the current gliding wingsuits.
I'd love a manufacturer to come up with a soaring suit or one that could take off from the ground but accept that this is unlikely to happen anytime soon perhaps for reasons you and others have exposed.

getting back to the sharing bit- do you have any ideas that could revolutionise our wingsuit gliding habits?

I've had an idea that might be worth sharing.
After flying around this last xmas watching all the ram-airs getting around I was struck with how much we (as wingsuiters) seem to be copying parachutes:S.
My idea is to get rid of the whole ram-air pressurisation thingy and replace it all with semi-solid wings made of low and high density foam.
The aerofoil sections would be better shaped , if it was cleverly designed we could still easily deploy and walk around , sit in the plane etc No probs with ballooning wings and flapping bits of fabric.

Thing is i couldn't care less who makes money out of such an idea -I just want to be able to experience an enhanced sense of flight and perhaps even get to gain altitude on a thermal in a wingsuit one day.

To any potential manufacturers out there--get cracking fabric wings may very well be a thing of the past in the not too distant future.

here's hoping and sharing :P

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