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That fabric looks like it could potentially cause some issues with the 3 rings? Really doesn't take a lot of force to stop them working?
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Yes. Its been thought out. :-)

Inside the suit on the top edge of the tape for the handle holes, there is tape that has to be tied up onto the harness rings to prevent the suit from moving around. Also, the holes are VERY VERY tight to get the handle through from the inside. This makes it impossible to pull them in, but they can be pulled out, ( in case of emergency) as normal. And this was tested multiple times, including a real emergency. Scotty Burns. :-)

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interesting; one thread about this suit is starting to get buried, then another old one is resurrected.

however, i think this is worth repeating:


answer from UPT:

Question, do you think this voids the TSO?• If the data for the alteration was submitted to and approved by the local MIDO/FAA, then no. • If not, then technically yes. It has been altered from its original design that was originally submitted to and approved by the ACO.• Major alterations to original approved data package can only be made with only the ACO’s approval.However, Master Riggers have been doing this type of thing to certified gear since the very beginning.

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