African Freefall Convention

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hi all with the passing of tonto ill will be doing the load organizing at the affc. we would have been doing it together but now its only me. Bernard (x-wind) and Alex (fly like brick) will help me where required. We already have quite a few people attending and it should be a good event with some good flyers. We will have a few smoke loads and i have a few BM firebird suits as demo's (3 sizes) for new students and a new SM1 from Tony Suits for the more accomplished guys. Alex might bring some Blades aswell - dont know yet.

I spoke to the organizer this am - there are 160 people registered already and normaly about 40/60 show up without any registration ~ so far there is a PORTER and PAC firm together with a C130. if he gets another 40 people registered he will also have a KINGAIR availible. Either way - you wont be sitting around not jumping...the planes are running from dusk till dawn.

The organizer was also a friend of t's and would like to fill up both the planes and have a double run formation with smoke in his honour at the peak of the boogie.

I'm excited :)
anyone with any question - pls email me at iomi3636@dropzone.com or PM me or if you need to chat call me on 00 27 833 545414.

more info at http://www.africanfreefall.com

~ time is ~ time was ~ times past ~

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With regards to demo suits, I have been in contact with Jari over the past couple of weeks, and with his and Kristiina's help they have sent over a couple of demo suits.....Yee Haa..... It's looking to be a beautifull week of flocking!:ph34r: Cannot wait to meet everyone!!!

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So we did some kickass wingsuiting at the AFFC B|. I think one of the most fun jumps was Alex and the three girls (Taya, Celeste and myself).

Celeste's commentary went something like this:
"Alex was on his back and the two girls were just below me all over him and touching him and I just wanted to be there too!!!":P

The 'baton' passing jump with Rolf was also seriously super cool...

All in all a good time. Now back to work and reality[:/].
"If there is doubt, there is no doubt." - Tonto

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