Flock and Dock 3.5

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Then by all means let the jackassery begin followed by the buffonery, and then inevitably the crippling sound of listening to yourself blink as you try desperately to identify whom or what you wound up sleeping with as your breath peels the wall paper back and you cut loose a fart that could knock a turkey buzzard off a shit wagon. Entertaining is an understatement.

(In true skydiver fashion this statement can equally be applied to members of either sex)

Coming soon to a bowl of Wheaties near you!!

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Hello everybody!

Have a good boogie! Me and Leila both wish to be there too but journey is too long to make twise a year. 3.0 was awesome and hopefully we can make the 4.0.

I think Purple Mike is a good and responsible flyer. And he has the longest camerageek ever.

Tero & Leila
- No mercy in the flock! Straighten your legs!!! -

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Tero!! Wish you could be here, my brother! I just got back from Canada today and walked up on at least 15 out-of-towners.

Included are:

Flock U
The brothers Gray
At least one member of the Soul Flyers
Various and sundry other visitors

It's going to be kick ass this weekend. 10:00 am first load

Word to your mother,


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The last load has been flown at FnD 3.5.

Thank you to Scott Bland, Morpheus Tech, Skydive City, Chuck Blue, Rob Jones, Matt Hoover and Scotty Burns for all their hard work :)
The weather was variable but we made the most of the good stuff, flying in some awesome cloudscapes B|.

The formations were challenging, usually 15-20 ways. We also tried some 2 point multiple base flocks (one jump had 5 x 4 way diamonds forming a V and then a line).

I didn't take many good photos but a few ok ones attached, roll on 4.0 :)


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Thanks for a great boogie, Z-Flock & Friends! The weather started out uncooperative on Friday, but cleared up nicely on Sat afternoon and Sunday. Many great flocking experiences...and some after sunset ones too.

I had a fantabulous time making 15-20 way 3D and sequential dives. The excessive moisture fouled a lot of camera lenses so the video guys may not have their usual crop of great pix. But it was worth the trip to see all of my flocking friends.

CYa Next Time.


Old Guys Rock!

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