Which suit is right for me?

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I need some help folks. About a year ago I made a few coaching jumps at Emporabrava. When I left to go back to Germany, I bought a (slightly) used access. What a great suit to learn on. Easy for deployment, small leg wing, etc. I put 10 or so jumps on it.
Well I got to the US and the coaches looked at my exit and the way I flew it from the video and said, "Why are you still on that?" No one at the other DZ in Germany flocked, so I was on my own. I made two Protege demos solo and flew with one of the instructors and then they gave me an Acro. With the Acro I was on my back (stable enough for the instructor who said thats one of the hardest things to do) and barrel rolling for the first tim by jump 3. By jump 5 I was doing front flips, but more importantly, on heading. The whole time I have seen my fall rate steadily decrease to high 70s low 80s.
The next step is there is a Phantom demo around somewhere for me to try. I hear a lot of talk that maybe this suit is the one for me. So here are the questions:
#1 I'm looking for something that will allow me to flock with others (so a good glide ratio) as well as roll and flip like the Acro. The instructors think that I should jump the Phantom demo before I purchase/ move up and I've trusted the whole time as they know my skills. Other opinions from the limited knowledge I've given here?
#2 At what point do I buy MY suit?
---I currently have about 2-3 dozen wingsuit jumps.
Thanks all,
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Mike, welcome to the flock:)
#1 Only YOU can determine which suit is best for you. There are several suits out there that will allow you to do the things you mentioned to choose from. So I recommend you demo as many different suits as you can and find one that you are happy with.

#2 When you find the suit that makes you happy and is within your budget.

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Flyin Bob has your phantom demo and I talked to him and he said he would get it to me --- he reads here so I am sure he will contact you.........................................and yes you need to get a suit of your own. I think you have jumped my acro more than I have:)

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I have a demo Phantom you can try a few times. I'll fly with you for video. I have two sizes, medium and large. If you were flying Voodew's Acro, then you will fit in the medium Phantom - Voodew has flown that suit before.

I live in Austin, TX but travel around a lot to most Texas DZs - I'm a freelance PFI. PM me for hooking up some time soon.

BF aka FB D-5526 PFI-37

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