Scary Perry Invatational

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Would like thank everyone that helped to make this event work, Harry Parker..You rock!!Without the vision and the effort you put in,none of this would have been possable, Scott, Your dive plan was awesome, When they post some pics...The world will know what we did in Sebastion this weekend.
Matt,Scotty thanks for flyen and capturing the energy Thank you to everyone who attended and gave it thier all, this was a very special way to fade into the sunset

And Matt....you can always have the video slot when the tripod wont suffice, again as long as you dont touch my ass!!!!
thanks again to all Perry
Only he can be happy,who can make his the present hour,for today he has lived

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It was a great event, the pics will tell all!!! hey maybe matt will add the after hours events as bonus of the video. hehe:ph34r:

p.s. If he did touch your ass im sure he will leave it out of the video.

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Great dives you mother flockers! Too bad the wind got in our way Saturday, but in spite of that and Jeff's unclipped wings I had a ball. Great food Saturday night too .. at least what I remember of it.

Matt said he got some great shots of Perry! He's even named them:

Eating salad
Is that chicken I see?
Spaghetti and Meatballs


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The alligator pit is one of the coolest things at Sebastian. That, and the 4 foot tall birds that take bread from you.
Oh, and the flocking was good, too.
Scott, you have GOT to get Jeff or Scotty to show you the video from -THE- burbledive. I'm not sure who got the worst of it... Mike, because every time I plummeted at his back he didn't see it coming, or Jeff, because he DID. I have a screencap of Jeff's face by the third time through, eyes the size of saucers with the look of a man expecting to get hit by a truck. I'm just glad I didn't take anyone out in the process. In Justin's words, "Laughing your ass off in freefall is as good as it gets."
I haven't had that much fun since the last time I -(edited for legal protection purposes)- with the chocolate covered percosets.
Live and learn... or die, and teach by example.

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