Z-Flock 3.0 Video

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Nice, I don't have to do one now, right?

Seriously, very cool! Better than most wingsuit videos I've seen.

But you distracted me from my editing for 6 minutes, so now people can blame you for my slow response. ;)


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Haha...enjoyed that very much Tero. Thanks!

I couldn't help but notice that Scott Bland flys the most stable base of all time. He doesn't even move!! Oh and nice back-flying Jeff and Chuck.

There was some excellent talent there this year. I look forward to Flock & Dock 3.5

WSI-6 / PFI-55
The Brothers Gray Wingsuit Academy

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Lol ....

Great video Tero ... :)
A really nice fresh viewpoint ... As for the guy at the end ... Well EVERYONE knows he's an ass !!!

Seriously though - i had a blast at Z-Flock 3.0 - i can't wait for the next one ...

You guys missed a lot of fun in Texel - drinking / flying (badly in my case) / 2 way high speed mooning on the freeway and even a 3 way mooning session during the Lancaster(?) fly past ...

See you all in cochstedt !!! :P

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