new art -- and a thanks

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well my week in zhills is over and I'm already looking forward to my next time out. I just wanted to say thanks, I had a great time and got in over 40 wingsuit flights in the time I was there.

Thanks Chuck for the flights and load organising, I was a bit worried when I showed up and was the only bird there, but It quickly turned into anywhere from 4 to 8 birds on the loads.

Thanks to all the guys I got a chance to meet and jump with while I was down there. Its a great bunch of people that are down there, and it definitely does not suck at zhills.

After getting to try a few other suits, I couldn't be happier with my back vented Phantom, its the perfect blend of flock, acro, and performance for me. I'm still getting used to it, but regular altitude flights were in the 130-140 second range, and it felt really comfortable when trying acro as well.

On one particular day we had thundershowers in the forecast, and while we were on hold twice due to rain, it made for the most amazing clouds I've had the privilege to play with. They towered up to 11,000 feet and were parked perfectly just off jump run. It was a death start trench run of dives, barrel rolls, gravitrons, and punching it out to make that last hole. I dont think I've ever had that much fun on a single jump.

I got back wondering how I even begin to describe it to some of my friends, so I painted this art piece. Hopefully it does it more justice than my animated narative full of sound effects.



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Very fine pic Dan - a view we see here at the Hills often in the summer. Definitely looking forward to cloud season.

Thanks for coming out and joining us and glad you had fun. It was a blast flocking with you - hope to have the opportunity to do it again soon!

Play like your life depends on it.

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