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any recomendations?
in my case it would be a super tiny girl, 48 kg all geared up or a slightly bigger guy exit weight around 60.
how to do this safe?
i had the girl hang onto my gear and it felt super light. i guess i have carried backpacks heavier than her.
what to expect from my wingsuits flying behaviour/spot?
i'm 95 with gear flying a phantom.
how do i get rid of the passenger at pull time?
just collaps the wings and have her deploy off my back?
both are very good freeflyers btw.

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I just did it this weekend in a Zwing Eagle. It's pretty easy. My rider was a small chick 140lbs with gear. Our avg was about 95mph. I used about the same spot as I would have without her and it worked out fine. At pull time she just hopped off and pulled normally.

The only thing that sucked is the Eagle has webbies. I didn't notice it during the jump so I'm not sure how it happened, but they gave me some pretty good blisters between my fingers.

Have fun!

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i haven't seen the deploy off the back.
i find the exit to be most stable if we both float the exit and then just make sure the rider doesnt get above you on exit as that will end you up on your back.

if you flipped around a helmet cam it would be some awesome video to watch someone get pulled off. i usually just barrel roll them off then buzz them as they open.
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ive done a few with my girlfriend - we start with her holding my shoulders resting her legs on mine obviously trying to to put too much pressure on my rig around pins and reserve. on exit i keep everything closed and simply arch - that gets you belly down very quickly in the event of me getting off balance on exit (in a faster plane with more prob wash than say porter) - slowly start opening your wings - she ussually put her legs over mine or on my leg wing once we fly - you can sit up too just behind the BOC obviously but then there is more air resistance - at pull time she kinda rolls off to one side and tracks away ... we ussually seperate around 5.5k - wingsuit flies stable straight but a bit more skittish around turns, you are aware of the increased "loading" of your wing and that your freefall time is obviously less - must admit would be cool to be a passenger ! im quite keen to try back flying that next time - although i dont know how long i will be able to hold that back inlets or not ! :S

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Here's some inside video from a rear-mounted remote lens (that came off in flight, but the rider grabbed it and geeked himself [and me] briefly).



ha bob, that is funny. hard to tell what it is initially, but it's a nice framegrab around sec 42.

Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?

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