Thanks to the Texas Fly Boyz!

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The Texas Fly BoyZ sent a huge BBQ feast to the Z-Flock and the Z-Hills staff as thanks for our efforts during Flock and Dock 3.0.

It was a TON of meat from the Salt Lick BBQ restaurant ...

4 racks of ribs
2 briskets
1 sausage portion
1 turkey breast
6 bottles BBQ sauce

We added potato salad, Texas toast and salad. Jeff Nebelkopf did the cooking and we all added the beer. We must have had nearly 25 people hanging out at Scotty Burn's RV.

Bob, Ted and the rest of the Texas Fly BoyZ ... THANKS!! You guys are a class act!!

This video clip should be up shortly ..


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You've got nothing on Mike (IslandGuy) and his "taxiway mayonaise" :(

No "special sauce" :o - just aircraft lubricant;)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)
Yup - the turkey was my favorite!! Yum. Worth going to TX for, in and of itself. Hoping to fly with you guys soon.
Play like your life depends on it.

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Thanks again to the Texas Flock~ We all had a great time with you guys in town, and we all had a great little party after the fact in your honor. The food was a great caviat from a great bunch of flockers.. definately tryin to plan on skyfest! thanks again and well fly again soon~~~
A real class act guys~

Scotty Burns
Z Flock #11; Muff #1909; PFI #15, USPA Lifer
Commercial Multi-Inst. Airplane/Rotory
www.flyteskool.ws Aerial Photography

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