Germany - An 72 boogie (Guinness Record etc)

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oh yes, thats certainly something you should do... you'll never be welcome at SDAZ again, but you'll have made some people happy...

LOL well ya know the funny thing is....when ya'll weren't looking (ehem or aware) I managed to snap a few photos.
Blackmail material at its finest.:)
Oh wait! Nevermind..you would actually want me to post these! Bwahhhhhhhh:ph34r:

Nope ain't gonna do it. Umm well maybe the ladies on drop zone would like to see? Hummm
Now back to the 2007 event...its a AN-2:P~~~~~

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That would be, uhm, 17½ 182s. Of course, since we're there for the twin jet thing, that would add up to 35 jet engines on those 17½ Cessnas.

It sounds cool, it would also sound loud, but I'll take the AN-72 thank you very much.

It has a (droool) tailgate.

Jarno, will you animate me a twin jet -182 with a tailgate? Please? :P
(Have you started animating the next year boogie video yet? :) )
I am. I think.

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